Opinion & Analysis News Update
arrow Letter to BS: Paris Agreement is an offshoot of the framework of UNFCCC
  Emerging economies like India and China cannot be held equally liable for the environmental damage
arrow Congress starts putting up posters congratulating 'winners' of MP polls
  They have plastered state capital Bhopal with posters that say,(heartiest congratulations to the would-be ministers and MLAs of the Madhya Pradesh government)
arrow Letter to BS: Banks at poverty line of capital will stay poor, says RBI
  Reserve Bank of India is right in requiring them to maintain capital requirements higher than those specified in the Basel Accord
arrow Letter to BS: Bonds issued by civic institutions carry onus of public trust
  Bonds are subject to investment ratings by independent agencies; the coupon rates go up as ratings dip to raise the debt burden that makes its servicing tough
arrow Letter to BS: India managed to push its agenda at the G20 meeting
  However, from India's point of view, the presentation of a nine-point agenda calling for joint action against economic fugitives was the highlight of the summit
arrow PUSU polls: JD(U) vice-president Prashant Kishor thorn in BJP flesh
  Kishor's visit to the vice-chancellor's residence on Sunday had led to angry protests from the ABVP
arrow Letter to BS: Who is behind Sebi's direct foreign listing proposal?
  Shouldn't mutual funds be allowed to convert part of funds into foreign exchange to invest on behalf of resident Indians
arrow Letter to BS: Govt must bear financial burden of schemes meant for farmers
  The benefits of central schemes are cornered by big landlords and corporates engaged in big food processing units
arrow Letter to BS: Global trend reflects place name changes common in abroad
  What do such name changes mean in reality? Nothing much, as the experience so far suggests
arrow Stepping on gasoline: Volkswagen to shift from diesel to petrol engines
  Plans are afoot to scale it up to 50 per cent or half its repertoire, starting next year
arrow Well-being beyond GDP
  If we want to put people first, we have to know what matters to them, what improves their wellbeing, and how we can supply more of whatever that is
arrow Letter to BS: Governor should protect the Constitution and its ethos
  Unfortunately, things have stooped so low that one wonders if there is any difference between a street corner rowdy and a public figure
arrow Letter to BS: Rock bottom tariffs are hurting telecom service providers
  The fear of losing market share because of tariff and fare hike is real, but exaggerated
arrow Will Narayan Rane join NCP after 'courtesy' meet with Sharad Pawar?
  Rane, who was chief minister when he was in the Shiv Sena, joined the Congress and quit the party in 2017 and floated the Maharashtra Swabhimani Paksha
arrow Letter to BS: Delay in judges' appointment way of interference, says Kurien
  'Nothing could be better calculated to destroy the sanctity of the Constitution than the continuance of a practice which is dead against both the letter and the spirit of the Constitution'
arrow Letter to BS: India and China resolve key tax issues to facilitate trade
  The export of rice and fish to China will not only promote our foreign trade but also give a boost to the contribution of the agricultural and allied segment
arrow Letter to BS: Farmers urge govt to hold special session on agrarian crisis
  The government must stop saying that these demands have been met already to a large extent
arrow Satta market speculates a likely win for Congress in Madhya Pradesh polls
  According to speculators, the BJP is likely to get approximately 90 seats and the Congress might cross 130
arrow Can the World Bank redeem itself?
  World Bank's leadership should empower new chief economist to lead the charge in making the intellectual case for open markets for goods, services, and people
arrow Kerala govt's new engagement rules bring it bad PR with journalists
  The circular said the media created "unnecessary crowd" at airports, railway stations, guest houses and other public places "to get responses from prominent persons"
arrow Letter to BS: Idea of paid-for web check-in leads to further complication
  It is high time the aviation ministry stepped in and looked into the issue. It should ban exorbitant fares.
arrow Letter to BS: The world may not be ready for genetically modified humans
  Genome sequencing, though welcome as a potential new tool against diseases, has a flip side
arrow Letter to BS: Regulator must keep a watch on pricing of products, services
  It is the regulator's responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient competition
arrow Who will contest from Ananth Kumar's Bengaluru South seat next elections?
  BJP feels it has a chance of retaining the seat only if Kumar's wife Tejaswini contests.
arrow We are eager to cooperate in new industrial revolution
  BRICS countries have been contributing to global sustainability and development
arrow Why human chess still survives
  Rather than dying, chess has thrived. This is partly because the advent of computers and computer databases has made chess a truly universal sport
arrow When Scindia met aunt Maya Singh at MP poll booth and predicted her vote
  Singh, who was elected from the Gwalior East constituency in 2013, is a maternal aunt of Scindia's father, the late Madhavrao Scindia
arrow Letter to BS: Flipkart, Future Retail, Jet have fallen in quick succession
  One of the factors helping such takeovers is the rule preventing promoters to have preferential voting rights that is quite common in Western economies
arrow Letter to BS: Modicare focuses on basic health care in first two months
  A lot of scepticism was expressed from various quarters over the conceptualisation and funding of this scheme
arrow Letter to BS: Both Jalan and Mohan are equally competent to head ECF panel
  Dr Jalan will himself be in favour of allowing his former colleague Dr Mohan to head the panel
arrow Letter to BS: Recognition, resolution must go hand in hand to improve banks
  The uniformity in asset classification and income recognition is of paramount importance in respect of consortium accounts
arrow Letter to BS: Ram temple more of an electoral ploy than an article of faith
  Whatever mode is adopted to expedite the solution, it is likely to conclude in a cul-de-sac
arrow Kisan Sabha ropes in journalist P Sainath to get better attention of media
  While the Kisan Sabha had managed to mobilise farmers for most recent farm protests across the country, it hadn't always received commensurate media space
arrow Beijing in Taiwan: Growing smarter
  The Communist Party may be getting smarter, digging in behind the lines in Taiwan and openly favouring grassroots KMT groups that are crucial in gathering votes, especially in the countryside
arrow Letter to BS: Starvation and unemployment deaths are a blot on govt
  It is likely that the BJP government will make the Ram temple an election issue for the coming Lok Sabha elections, but jobs are unlikely to feature as one of the major issues